K8s 1.12 Release Update #3



As of Tuesday July 31 we’ve passed our feature definition milestone. Top level information on the set of features captured is viewable at:


For more human readable information, watch for a blog post on http://kubernetes.io/blog in the coming weeks with more discussion on pending features.

Again this is feature definition only, there are many weeks yet for implementation ahead of code freeze.

If your SIG feature did not make the deadline yesterday, there is an exception process (https://git.k8s.io/features/EXCEPTIONS.md ).

We did not hit our yesterday target for cutting an alpha release for 1.12, but have had an exciting day today working through updating the documentation on and exercising of the build and release mechanism. Googlers have been working away lately shifting the build and release mechanics to be ones a non-Google employee can finally run. To my knowledge prior to 1.11.1 and 1.12.0-alpha.1 all kubernetes releases have been cut by a Googler, so this is a major and significant shift toward the community. The 1.11.1 release had a hiccup and it appears we’ve proved that fixed for the release of 1.12.0-alpha.1 today. We did have a few other hiccups on 1.12.0-alpha.1 though, but all things considered those look minor and fixable and artifacts are now live:

As you may have seen the alpha release notification email got slightly wedged in the ether and then our workaround had an issue too. Better the artifacts ship first and the announcement late, than pre-announcing incomplete artifacts! And if a missing Content-Type: text/html is the worst of our issues, we’re in great shape considering all that has changed!

Big thanks to Doug MacEachern for sticking his neck out as 1.12 release branch manager during this transition and the many Googlers (Caleb Miles, Ben Elder, and many more behind the scenes) for doing the intrepid pathfinding and debugging to improve this aspect of the release process!!!

Our next major milestone will be the shift into code freeze as September arrives. While this is weeks away, this time always goes by FAST! We request you continue to give consideration to documentation and test cases for your features as you’re developing, as well as keep an eye on CI results related to your SIG and be responsive to requests for issue and test failure triage by the release team. It is imperative that we continually improve our CI signal, maintain passing test status, and ultimately achieve a quality release!

Key Dates

Begin code slush: Aug. 28, 2018

Begin code freeze: Sept. 4, 2018

End code freeze: Sept. 19, 2018

Release date: Sept. 25, 2018

Detailed schedule available at http://bit.ly/k8s112-release-info

Tim Pepper, 1.12 release lead

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