Shortening Code Freeze for 1.11



I am happy to announce that, thanks to relatively clean CI signal and a short bug list, we are able to shorten Code Freeze by 1 week for the 1.11 cycle, thus giving folks an additional week of feature development.

The schedule has been updated:

Code Slush now begins May 29th.

This was made possible by many contributors working on fixing test failures and closing bugs well in advance of code slush. I’d like to thank dims, liggit, timothysc, krousey, kow3ns, yliaog, k82cn, mrhohn, msau42, shyamvs, directxman12 for debugging fails and closing issues, and AishSundar, Cole Mickens, Mohammed Ahmed, and Zach Arnold for working with the SIGs to get attention on issues and test failures.

Hopefully this can become the norm for future release cycles. Thanks everyone!

(apologies if I missed someone)