1.11 Release Status: June 18th (Code Freeze Ending)



1.11 Release Status: June 18, 2018

The release is looking good except for a couple of issues (see below). We are still expecting to release on time.

Dates and Deadlines

End Code Freeze: We expect to end Code Freeze and open master for 1.12 development on time, June 19th at around 5pm PDT. At that point, additional fixes for 1.11 will need to be cherry-picked. RC1 will be released on June 20th.

Themes for each SIG for the release notes are overdue. If your SIG has not submitted a theme statement, please contact Nick Chase ASAP (@nickchase / nchase@mirantis.com).

CI Signal

Most tests are passing. However, we are having issues with flakiness on these tests:

Anyone with insight into why these tests are failing or flaking is encouraged to attend the burndown meeting tommorrow.

Release Notes

Themes are due. Additionally, there is a bug with the script that gathers release notes, and as such some release notes are missing from the draft. If you contributed a release noted feature to 1.11, please check the draft notes to make sure that it’s there. If it’s missing, contact Nick (@nickchase / nchase@mirantis.com).

Thanks to the Release Team and all of the contributors who have made this such a smooth release process so far.