1.11 Release Status: Code Slush Begins

1.11 Release Update, May 29th: Code Slush Begins

Fellow contributors,

We are going into Code Slush tonight (5pm PDT) in really good shape. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Release Team and the great responsiveness of contributors across many SIGs, we have very few test fails or outstanding issues, and release notes are in better shape than they’ve been in previous cycles. That doesn’t mean we can slack off, though! Let’s keep on that schedule. Plus, documentation submissions need attention (see below).

Code Slush Begins

Tonight we go into Code Slush. This means that the Release Team and the Munger will be reminding you about getting your features and issues ready for Code Freeze. This includes:

  1. Merging any features or fixes that can be merged before Code Freeze.
  2. Defering low-priority changes to 1.12
  3. Making sure that all issues and pulls have complete labeling. The release team will help you with this!
  4. Making sure all pulls and issues which cannot be closed before Code Freeze are approved by their respective SIGs (status/approved-for-milestone).
  5. Making sure all features have required documentation (deadline: June 4).
  6. Assess which features will actually make 1.11, and which need to be defered.

Do note that we are not switching to Tide for merges as originally planned, so how merges work for 1.11 will remain the same as they have in the past until the release. However, we also still encourage you to label all PRs with target milestones (instead of just Master) starting with Code Slush, as this will be required by Tide in the 1.12 cycle.

If you need an exception to the normal Code Slush/Code Freeze process, please see the Exception instructions.

CI Signal

Currently we have only 3 issues around failing tests, including one failing Conformance test. The Conformance tests have been added to the blocker dashboard today so that you can better track them in the future; they must be passing for releases, so they are real blockers. Please treat conformance test failures the same as other test failure reports.

We have 8 other open bugs.

Documentation Required

At this point, all features requiring documentation should have at least placeholder PRs. Seven features currently do not have any, and as such their documentation status is unknown. If you are working on a feature which is beta or GA, remember that documentation is a requirement, and features without required documentation will not advance in status for 1.11.

Burndown Meetings Start Friday

1.11 Release Burndown Meetings start this Friday at 10am PDT. Unlike previous cycles, burndown meetings will be alternating between 10am Pacific/1700 UTC and 8am Pacific/1500 UTC in order to allow contributors from multiple time zones to participate.

If you are the author of a feature in 1.11, a SIG Lead, or otherwise closely involved in what’s going into 1.11, you are encouraged to attend the burndown meetings. If we know of a particular issue with your feature (or your SIG’s features and issues), a member of the release team will ask you to attend specific meetings.

Find the Burndown meetings in the Burndown Group or the SIG-Release Calendar.