1.11 Release Status: June 10th

1.11 Release Status Update: June 11, 2018

The 1.11 release is looking good, features are in, and almost all tests are passing. We are still go for an ontime release. Thank you to the whole Release Team, the SIG leads and all of the many contributors who have put in extra effort to resolve problems early and keep us on track.

Final Docs Due Today, Release Notes

The deadline for final documentation for new features is today, June 11th. If you are a feature author, or have added any user-visible changes or API changes in 1.11, then you need to submit a finished Doc PR right away. If you have trouble doing this, please contact SIG-Docs for help.

Also, the Release Notes team needs each SIG to decide on “themes” for your work in this release. Contribute directly to the release notes.

Beta 2 released

Beta2 was released on Friday. Please download the source and give it a test. The next release is RC1, on the 20th.

CI Signal

Most of the board is Green. Thanks for everyone’s efforts in keeping the tests passing!

A few tests are flaking, but that is thought to be mainly attributable to test-infra and GCP issues. There is one failure attributable to cadvisor godeps version, which is being reverted.

Release Announcements

Current release announcement drafts are in progress.

If you belong to SIG-Storage, SIG-Node, SIG-Network, or SIG-API-Machinery, your feedback has already been solicited by Kaitlyn on the release annoucement text. Please look for messages from her so that we can detail your features correctly.


We are down to 25 tracked major features. 18 features have been bumped to the next milestone. As code for all 25 features is now merged, our features list is considered final.

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