1.11 Release Status: June 25th: RC2 and final countdown


1.11 Release Status for June 25th: RC2, final countdown

We are on schedule for a Wednesday June 27th release for 1.11.0. In the meantime, download and test RC2[1], which branch manager Caleb Miles just pushed out today.

CI Signal

Tests are mostly green[2], good enough for a release.

We continue to have flakes of the upgrade tests[3], and of alpha features. However, these appear to be infra flakes and not related to any code checked in.

Release Notes

Please make one more check over the release notes[4] to make sure that all of your work is reflected in them. Particularly, we still need “themes” from most Kubernetes SIGs.

Announcements and Communications

RC2 was released today[1]. Starting tomorrow, you will start seeing blog posts and articles describing 1.11 as “coming soon.” This is due to the 1-day delay in release.

[1] https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/releases/tag/v1.11.0-rc.2

[2] https://k8s-testgrid.appspot.com/sig-release-1.11-blocking

[3] https://k8s-testgrid.appspot.com/sig-release-master-upgrade

[4] http://bit.ly/k8s111-relnotes

Josh Berkus
Kubernetes Community
Red Hat OSAS