K8s for on-prem servers: One consistent K8s flavor or multiple K8s flavors co-exist?

Hi K8s experts:

Due to business reasons, assuming all applications must run at on-prem various different servers (NOT in public clouds like Azure, AWS or GCP), hence the choices of k8s solutions are limited to the followings:

  • OpenShift
  • Charmed Kubernetes (I think it’s from Ubuntu)
  • HPE Ezmeral
  • Vanilla K8S (complete open-source)
  • any others?

My question is, should we try our best to keep all software/applications running on the same k8s platform? For example, make all applications run on OpenShift, or all applications run on Charmed. I think a consistent same type k8s platform should benefit us in the long run, better than deploying multiple different K8s platforms (e.g., some applications on OpenShift, while some applications on Charmed K8s, and some others on HPE Ezmeral). What’s your opinion on this?

I appreciate your insight and expert opinion.