K8s frontend http request rewrite

I have an application deployed in K8s environment, which include frontend and backend server in container pod, as microservice monitoring and exposed by ingress with service
The frontend client will send many restful api to backend
below is example
/ (main page)
/clients (retrieve clients information)
/status (retrieve clients status)
/log (retrieve server log)
and more

In my k8s cluster, the ingress host is myK8sCluster.com
myK8sCluster.com/ serves as a default backend home page for another microservice A
To deploy the monitoring microservice, I add an ingress rule myK8sCluster.com/monitor that serve microservice monitoring and rewrite target to “/” for
But /clients, /status, /log, and other restful api fail to call from client
Is it because I dont add ingress rule for /clients, /status, /log?
Do I need to create many ingress rule for that?
Or any other better solution for this scenario?