Microk8s nginx ingress reverse-proxy example

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Hi there, I just installed microk8s on my ubuntu laptop. I’ve been using Traefik for a while, but I’ve decided that I’m just too tired of figuring out what’s wrong. The nginx ingress works just fine.

I was wondering if anyone would be generous enough to share an example nginx ingress for microk8s that provides a very simple reverse proxy.

eg. host.sample.com/api/{backend}
Very similar to https://akomljen.com/kubernetes-nginx-ingress-controller/

Since this is a microk8s nginx controller, I’m not entirely certain where the differences will be in how I set up the ingress, and rather than going down the whole debug path, I’m hoping someone could just share theirs.

Hi @mikepc

You may have seen the discussion on How to make Traefik compatible with Microk8s about Traefik.

Ingress rules should work as described in the documentation upstream (Ingress - Kubernetes). The point you have to be careful with is whatever you put as host.sample.com in host.sample.com/api/{backend} should resolve to the host MicroK8s is running on. If you are accessing ingress from your local machine the host.sample.com is usually your localhost. For this purpose you could use services like http://xip.io/ or https://nip.io/

Yeah, I saw the make traefik compatible with Microk8s, I just don’t have the energy to continue down that path. I didn’t get it working, but I gave up after about 3 hours of trial and error. I just feel that traefik is a bit of overkill for my simple startup project, and the ROI for troubleshooting is not even close to reaching the value.

I set local.sample.io in my /etc/hosts file which resolves to the loopback. Here’s to hoping it works! :smiley: We shall find out tomorrow evening when I get back from work!

Thank you for letting me know, I really appreciate the response! <3