K8S installation on SLES15 via kubeadm: is it officially supported?

looking at Kubernetes.io(“Installing kubeadm” topic) it seems there’s no mention of SLES in the list of OS officially supported:
Installing kubeadm | Kubernetes

Is it the support guaranteed for SLES?
If so,where is available the official installation guide(not stackoverflow…) for K8S on SLES by using kubeadm?

I’ve found official documents only related to CaaS…


Hey @Danilo84
I think it’s possible to install.

Hi @tej-singh-rana ,
thanks a lot for your reply and for the link.
Your link is good(I installed a VM SLES15 with Kubernetes by using the zypper instructions linked,and it works fine).

Btw my doubt is about the list of OS officially supported: I mean,why there’s no mention of SLES?
Why any installation procedure on the official Kubernetes site?
Are there(my first concern) specific compatibility issues with SLES?

Thanks again for support,