K8s Office Hours for 15 May 2019 (Kubecon EU incoming!)

Alright everyone, it’s our last office hours until KubeCon + CloudNativeCon so we’re going to have one mega session instead of two:

Office Hours is a live stream where we answer live questions about Kubernetes from users on the YouTube channel.

Office hours are a regularly scheduled meeting where people can bring topics to discuss with the greater community. They are great for answering questions, getting feedback on how you’re using Kubernetes, or to just passively learn by following along. For more info:

Feel free to use this thread to queue up questions, or link to questions from here or stackoverflow that you’d like to see the team address.

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Just a reminder that we’re going live in about an hour after this post, hope to see you there, please feel free to use this thread to ask questions or to link to unanswered questions you might need help with.