K8s Office Hours for January 16

Welcome back everyone! It’s time for our next office hours. This is our monthly YouTube livestream where we gather a panel of experts and ask them your Kubernetes questions. We have two sessions, one for the EU time zone and one for the West Coast US time zone.

Check out the exact times here: https://github.com/kubernetes/community/blob/master/events/office-hours.md

Feel free to hop into #office-hours on Slack if you want to hang out until then. Also feel free to use this thread to link to questions you’d like to see us address during the show! If we address your question on the air we’ll automatically enter you in a raffle to win a Kubernetes tshirt.

I’ll be on the road so @jeefy will be your host, and as always, if you want to help us out by joining our panel we’re always looking for new people who can help share their Kubernetes knowledge.

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