Kubernetes Office Hours, 19 September

Hi everyone,

This next Wednesday, September 19th is our next Kubernetes Office Hours! What’s office hours? It’s our monthly livestream on YouTube where we have a panel of kubernetes experts answer your questions. Feel free to use this thread to link to your questions if you’d like for us to look at it during the livestream.

Also, as usual, if we address your question on the air you’ll automagically be entered in a raffle to win a Kubernetes tshirt!

Everything you need to know about participating is here, hope to see you there!


Just a reminder that we’re going live in about an hour from this post at:


And feel free to join us in the #office-hours slack channel. Feel free to link your unanswered question in this thread, and remember if we read your question live on the air you’ll automagically be entered to win a Kubernetes tshirt!

Great session today, hope to see the West Coast folks in a few hours for our next session: