Kubernetes Office Hours, Wednesday August 15th



It’s time once again for our monthly Kubernetes Office Hours for August 15th (next Wednesday). Office hours is our live stream on the Kubernetes YouTube Channel where we have a panel of k8s experts answer your questions live on the air!

We take questions from the #office-hours channel on slack and from this forum! So if you’d like for us to address your question please link to it from this thread, if we have time we like to look for unanswered questions so the more you let us know the better the chance of getting your question noticed!

Here’s a link with all the information you need to watch/join. See you all next week!


I’ll be there to bother Jorge and answer your questions! It should be really fun so be there or be square.


Just a reminder that this is this Wednesday! If you’ve got any unanswered questions you still have ~3 days to get them on this thread for us to address them, thanks!