Kubernetes Office Hours for 18 March

Hear ye, hear ye! This upcoming Wednesday is time for the Kubernetes Office hours. This is our monthly livestream where we have a panel of Kubernetes folks try to answer as many user questions as possible. It’s always on the third Wednesday of the month.

There are TWO sessions, one for the EU timezone and one for the West Coast US. Those of us in the middle can just go to both. :smiley:

As always feel free to post questions in this thread, and I’ll also be publishing the list of links/notes from each episode in this thread, so even if you don’t listen in you can check out our notes. Feel free to hang out in our slack channel before, during, and after the stream!

Click through on the video to get notifications, etc, and I’ll post a reminder here about an hour before we go live!

EU Edition:

US West Coast Edition

We’re going live in about 1 hour from now!