K8s pods running in the same cluster. can it be accessed with control

I have 5 pods running in the same cluster.
can i access Pod A at will??

If yes, How can I achieve this?

Please help

Who is doing the accessing and what does “access” mean?

lets say the 5 pods have same api server running.
but user from outside can decide which machine to hit to fetch the request?

That depends entirely on how you set up the routing from outside to inside. If you just set up a service load-balancer, then no external users cannot choose which replica to hit.

If you set up something else, maybe?

I was thiking like.

i can just deploy aws ec2 machines, create differnet application loadbalancer and separate domain for all of them… and it would be working… but its about manual work then…

Is there any easier way to deploy multiple servers with different urls easily?

Is the Ingress or Gateway API what you want?