How to expose home cluster ip

Hi, I just got started with kubernetes cuz im running a lot of services on my home server and I’ve thought would be a good idea to have everything in one place. I just got started with and this is what I intend doing.

  1. set up the ingress rules in a fashion so each service has its own endpoint
  2. configure the ingress controller so it points to the main pod (gateway) or idk excuse me if im wrong im yet picking on the terminology
  3. I want to hook that pod to my domain, problem being that this is a home hosted cluster, how could I possibly achieve that?

My end goal being to access the gateway outside my home network.
Could you please advise me on how to connect the pod to the domain please? I couldnt find anything over the internet that I could understand.

Hey, @Terkea
In the below docs link. That example is suitable I guess. Please take a look.