I'm so new in Kubernetes

Hi, guys! I have 2 svcs with deployments (app and mongo). But I don’t have an api gateway, load balancer and server discovery ( I wanna do it locally). Somebody can help with my Microservices Architecture, please?

Sorry, not sure I follow. Do you have the deployment already running locally? Or what is that you have, some yaml files you want to try?

To run locally there are several options, have you checked: https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/pick-right-solution/#local-machine-solutions already?

Hi, I sent you a message where I explain a little better about my problem.

Anyway, I’ll sum it up, I have an application with mongo db. And I’d like to have an api gateway, load balancer and a discovery server. But how would you define them through yaml files?

Something like Ambassador might be helpful for you.

Here’s a tutorial for how to set it up as an apigateway, link

As for an a local loadbalancer metalLB might fit the bill.

I already used ambassador but it wasn’t what I expected. And the ingress controller?

Traefik, Nginx, are prety good but there are lots out there depending on your situation.

Here is a good rundown of the different Ingress and their features, link

I’d like to use nginx but I don’t know how to implement it, can you help me?

I have tutorial s I can send your way. In transit right now so it’s a little hard to get them. I will post them as soon as I can unless someone else has some handy.

Thank you, man. I just want an api gateway and discovery server for my microservices project.

How to deploy - https://kubernetes.github.io/ingress-nginx/deploy/
Ingress Docs - Ingress - Kubernetes
a good tutorial - https://hackernoon.com/setting-up-nginx-ingress-on-kubernetes-2b733d8d2f45

I was looking at the example and I don’t understand the difference between ingress-controller and api gateway, or are they complementary?

What is an API gateway? Ambassador or an ingress controller? (Like ingress nginx or contour?). If you mean them, I’d go with contour or ingress nginx.

For discovery, the built-in in kubernetes isn’t enough? The documentation in the kubernetes website might be enough to understand the features it provides.

If not, you can look at consul. But I’d try to use the most simpler possible solution. If kubernetes solution is enough, I’d recommend you to use that :slight_smile:

So, you mean ngnix ingress controller works as an api gateway for kubernetes? And if so, what the implementation would be like. Because I’m using Docker Desktop (Windows 10 Pro) and I don’t know how to do it.

I’m not sure there is a canonical definition for API gateway. What do you mean with API Gateway exactly?

Or, in any case, can you read the documentation about Ingress resource and see what feature is missing?

Knowing that might be useful to polish the ingress API :slight_smile:

They both control north/south traffic but api gateways should have more options for controlling traffic and observability. So for choosing between the two it would depend on your use case. I think Nginx has a fair bit of those features now too.

Microsoft has some nice docs on it gateways here

I’m trying to implement NGINX Ingress Controller for my architecture. Can you help me?
I just have Docker Desktop and I made an example ( but I couldn’t complete it).

You would need a kubernetes cluster, not just docker :slight_smile:

Your best friend to start with this is the documentation in the kubernetes website. For example, you can find there how to setup kubernetes:


Also, once that is working you can try ingress nginx, check the documentation for that too:


And ask here if you have any problems :slight_smile:

I already logged into the dashboard a month ago. However, my main problem is the native components of kubernetes that are somewhat difficult to implement. I will uninstall what I downloaded from github (nginx controller) to test the link you sent me. Thank you, I look forward to your support. :slight_smile:

And, could you help me with the microservices architecture in kubernetes? That is, all the necessary components such as the microservices architecture in Spring Cloud (which is also another option).