Kind of K8S deployments


Hello all!

I have little experience in Kubernetes and at the moment I’m doing my basic tests in Minikube. I have tried to install an k8s distribute cluster in my vmware installation with linux os (two nodes and one master) but I have not got it yet. Is it possible? I have Mac OS laptop as host. Of course I have reviewed the documentation but it is not clear to me. Using kubeadm to Create a Cluster - Kubernetes

Thanks in advance



Yeah, with minikube, life is great, but it doesn’t help if you want to simulate a real cluster.

I’ve made up an assignment for the students we had on our experimental devops bootcamp, a few months back. You can check that out. It’s not perfect, but I hope it helps. I used VirtualBox, but I think you can make it work with VMWare.

I think, the hardest part was the networking (because K8s loves the first eth device, so does vagrant), luckly a colleague of mine found a vagrant hack (you’ll see in the bootstrap script) on another GitHub repo.

To think about it, if you don’t care about the details, you might be better off with that one: