MiniKube VS Production : Need Production

Hello Guys,

I got started using miniKube, but I believed I’d be able to use that for production. Come to find out, it won’t work as intended. Have you guys come up with a doable solution for a more casual user? I have a MacPRO & would like to start testing a production setup with clusters on it. Please advise the best solution.


Hey, @famous
Go with Kubeadm based setup.

Thank you for the response @tej-singh-rana, however I have a couple of question. Which is better – to use something like Rancher, or to install I believe its called VirtualBox in order to install kubeadm? I want to use the right solution, or best practice solution, But I also don’t want the learning curve to be too steep. Can you advise from a Mac Pro server setup? Thanks