Thoughts on the use of mini kubernetes clusters in prod

Hey everyone, hope all are safe and well.

I wanted to throw out the general question ‘Do you think it’s appropriate to use a single node stack in prod?’

microk8s/minikube/minishift all provide good standalone dev clusters for ci/cd but there are scenarios where in prod sometimes I don’t need a full blown cluster.

Other than bug fixes/delays in receiving upstream patches are there any major gotcha’s if I was to do this ?

My main hesitation would be that they haven’t been designed with prod in mind.

This means it’s likely they are less reliable.

Then there’s the performance overhead of running everything on a single node.

All thoughts/opinions either way are welcome.


Don’t take advice about running in production from me as I haven’t managed production workloads! :laughing:

But I have wondered about the same question.
My thought is if you are going to run an application on a single node anyway (that may be a separate discussion), then why not go with single node K8s and make use of the tooling.

While minikube is definitely more for testing, I think microk8s is designed for production, at least according its website.

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You’re completely spot on.

Somehow I missed this completely: “MicroK8s is a powerful, lightweight, reliable production-ready Kubernetes distribution.”

Cheers dude!

Is this an edge computing idea? If so, have you taken a look at kubeedge it’s another CNCF project with that use-case in mind and is intended for single-node type deployments.