Which Kubernetes engine should I use?

So, we are about to deploy kubernetes into our company. We are thinking of a HA cluster with 3 master and 3 worker nodes.

We have already installed a vanilla Kubernetes cluster (with 2 load balancers, 3 worker nodes, 3 masternodes) for the first time to run some tests. This cluster has worked very well and performant so far. Recently we had a meeting with a Kubernetes ‘specialist’, and he advised us very much against Vanilla Kubernetes and suggested Tanzu or Ranger.

Now to my question, why should I not use Vanilla Kubernetes (With kubeadm)? And what is the argument for the other 2 solutions? Sure you would get support from them, but do you have other big advantages? Or do you see bigger problems with Vanilla Kubernetes?

Definitely important information:
The cluster should work 24/365 and a failure of this cluster is rather bad because later production applications will run on it. Presumably there will be 2 people in the company, who know Kubernetes on average well or maybe a bit better.

So please share your long term experience with me please :slight_smile: