Kubernetes at home!

I currently have the following setup at home.

3 ubuntu VM’s running master/control plane/working on all 3 (kubernetes 1.17.2)
Built using Rancher 2.3.4.

It runs ok. it does what I need it to do so far. However, I have been looking at some other alternatives. I have a number of raspberry pi 3’s and 4’s that for the most part sit idle alot of the day… thought, maybe i could do a k3s cluster and have the pi’s doing some work too.

I also have my main workstation about to become free as I have a replacement laptop showing up. My workstation is i5, 24gig ram with 2 gpu cards. I have been playing with some gpu containers and thought, well… maybe i could turn my machine in to a worker node too…

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on spreading the kubernetes love ALL OVER!!! Does it make any sense to do it? Getting atleast 1 node out of my esx would make me feel better as my esxi is a single point of failure.

But does it make sense to do anything with my pi’s since they are on and doing very little already?