Konnectivity Agent failure scenario in node

Hello Community,

Being a newbie here in this forum but not with the kubernetes stuffs, kindly apologize for any noise.
I was going through the konnectivity server & agent docs to understand the communication between the control plane & nodes. From the design perspective, what I can see is, we need to have the konnectivity agent running as a daemon set in all the nodes and based on the below github issue, I think if the konnectivity agent on the node fails, we might lose kubectl exec/logs/cp & other commands even though our kubelet guy is healthy. The failure I’m more concerned here is the one that occurs due to volume mounts/crio/imagepull and all other failures excluding network related(node to node communication majorly).

In such cases, control plane components lose the connection with the node and why doesn’t the connection isn’t being established from the other nodes where the agent is healthy and those agents are still able to route the traffic to the concerned node?