Kubeadm join is failing while performing tls bootstrap


Hi ,

We are using kubeadm to configure kubernetes cluster. Version details are as below.
Kubernetes version - 1.11.5
Vm - rhel 7.6
Docker version- docker ce 17.03.0-ce
Kernel version - 3.10.0-957.1.3.e17.x86_64

We can see kubernetes master is up and running properly but when we are joining another node to the cluster, it’s getting time out while performing tls bootstrap , we are are stuck due to this, please suggest.

I am attaching screenshot.![15464315563461284260450176368816|666x500](upload://3ChWlK


I’ve had similar issues to this in the past. It was usually related to not having a port open on either the master or the node being added (usually 6443).

What do the logs from the Kubelet say?