Error Joining Windows Node to K8s v1.20

I deployed a K8s Cluster v1.20.2 (so far 1 master Node, 2 Linux workers) using Azure VMs and its working.The issue is, when I try to join a Windows Node to it, it won’t work. When joining using the ‘kubeadm join…’command. Its stucked ‘Waiting for the kubelet to perform the TLS Bootstrap…’ then it will timed out.Also tried to the Start-Service to kubelet, it wont start.

I’m using Flanel in vxlan/overlay mode as per the documentation anyone have experienced the same issue?

Other details:
Windows Node:
Azure Vm - tried both datacenter-core-1909/2004/20h2-with-containers-smalldisk & datacenter-2019
docker version: 19.03.14

Update: The kubeAdm join command works with k8s version v1.19.3 but not with kubeadm v1.20 when deployed in windows node. My system wont work because my control plane is in v1.20, I may have to use 1.19 then.

Update: this finally works when i deployed kubernetes v1.19.8, using windowsserver os build 2004. image