Kubernetes behind pfSense

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.15.3 kubernetes
Cloud being used: ( bare-metal)
Installation method: KubeSpray
Host OS: Proxmox hypervisor and CoreOS virtual machine
CNI and version: Calico
CRI and version: Docker

I am trying to be able to access some of my service in the outside world, but I am stuck on this part
My Kubernetes cluster was created following those steps (I am using a Bare metal server)

  • I install an hypervisor (Proxmox)
  • Create 4 virtual machine for Kubernetes (2 master, 2 nodes on CoreOS), and 1 pfSense
  • I provisioned everything using KubeSpray
  • Install metalLB as load balancer
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: ConfigMap
      namespace: metallb-system
      name: config
      config: |
        - name: default
          protocol: layer2
  • I installed nginx-ingress

So far so good, I have an external ip address but since the Kubernetes cluster is behind a pfSense, I have an internal ip address which is
I would like to be able to enter a subdomain name and access some of my services. For example I type myservice.domainName.com and be redirect to a specific service like an url for example
I was thinking that maybe I should use a reverse proxy on the host ? But I am not sure. Any recommandations ? Even a tutorial could help me

Thank you in advance