HA-proxy in front of a kubernetes Cluster

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.29.0
Cloud being used: bare metal
Installation method: Helm
Host OS: DietPi

Sorry for the stupid questions here
I’m starting at getting into kubernetes, and having some test in my Setup for learning the kubernetes.
Normally I have my PFsense in front of the VM’s og Docker-containers - using the PFsense HA-proxy
This works as intended when I create a Docker with wordpress, and have been running that for some time - But now I’d like to get into kubernetes some more
But creating the same wordpress on kubernetes works fine directly on the IP:PORT both HTTP/HTTPS - but if I then point it through the HA-Proxy in PFsense - something goes wrong and images are not shown.

Not sure if this is the right way to set it up -
But have build my setup with 1 master and 4nodes
The Master Node have 2 NIC - since I wanted to keep the Kubernetes network as ADMIN-LAN and a NIC in a DMZ zone ( set up in PFsense) as DHCP
So would like to have mainly most Applications run as - mainly websites that I’m hosting for others.

But I’ve created the wordpress through helm - and everything working fine untill I should use the DNS name for the wordpress - it’ll misses all the images on the webpage
It’s only when I set the DNS instead of the IP - the images are missing from the kubernetes Wordpress.
Can I use my own PFsense HA-proxy - and if so - what am I missing since the webpages only shows wrong through the PFsense HA-proxy ? Or should I create a nginx ingress controller ?

Since I have many different services hosted - so would be glad if I can fix it inside PFsense HA-proxy