Kubernetes cluster docs?

Hi, cross-posting from https://www.reddit.com/r/kubernetes/comments/kscmpi/comprehensive_kubernetes_docs/:

I’m trying to find docs on what a Kubernetes “cluster” is and how does it work exactly? Not how to create it, but the implementation details. Would anyone happen to know a link explaining this stuff please?

As example, the etcd docs explain exactly what a cluster in etcd is, leader elections, minority/majority nuances, what happens during network partitioning, and so on. I’m looking for the same kind of details, but for Kubernetes cluster.

As another example, some Kuber docs briefly mention a “master”, but nowhere could I find the definition for what a master is exactly. Some specific questions:

  • What OS process exactly is responsible for cluster membership logic? Which one of them is the cluster leader?
  • Can you have multiple masters/leaders during a split brain?
  • Are leaders automatically re-elected during errors? If so, how? Which nodes are eligible to become new leaders?

And so on. The algorithms, not how to set up a cluster. Thank you.

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