Kubernetes dashboard exposed using nginx ingress

Hello, i first apologize if this question or ask for help is not in the right place. I like to know if there is any kind of example configuration, tutorial, documentation or anything that helps me expose kubernetes dashboard using nginx ingress. I look over all places and even on dashboard github official repo there is a missing section. https://github.com/kubernetes/dashboard/wiki/Accessing-Dashboard—1.7.X-and-above#ingress


You’re going to find a lot of tutorials pointing you to exposing the Dashboard Securely by putting an auth proxy infront of it, like this one.

The most common way to get access to the dashboard is via the kubectl proxy command.

If you are using helm, there is a chart for the kubernetes-dashboard and it has a toggle for ingress, that might be your easiest path, https://hub.helm.sh/charts/stable/kubernetes-dashboard .

I am assuming this you are just exposing it in a controlled environment and not publicly.

thanks @macintoshprime i was aiming publicly, so we an access it anywhere any time, of course been secure. That is mostly what im looking for a secure what to publish publicly the k8s dashboard

The Heptio article is a great guide for doing just that. It walks you through setting up the proxy and ingress, etc.

Have you checked: https://github.com/kubernetes/ingress-nginx/blob/master/docs/examples/auth/oauth-external-auth/README.md ?