Kubernetes: Route Kubernetes dashboard through Ingress with out host and without proxy

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.19.2
Cloud being used: (put bare-metal if not on a public cloud)
Installation method: kubeadm
Host OS: Ubuntu
CNI and version: Docker 19.03.12
CRI and version: Calico 3.16.1

I want to access kubernetes dashboard from my laptop using ingress without proxy?

Can any one help me with the steps… ( I tried multiple way with the help of internet… not sure where I am missing?)

Attaching screenshot of current pods and svc’s for reference at the end

    apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
kind: Ingress
  name: nginx-ingress
    nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/rewrite-target: /
    - http:
        - path: /
          pathType: Prefix
              name: kdash-in-ns
                number: 443

dockeras@ubuntu3:~/simplek8s/kubernetes/yamls/ingress-demo$ kubectl describe svc kdash-in-ns
Name:              kdash-in-ns
Namespace:         default
Labels:            <none>
Annotations:       <none>
Selector:          <none>
Type:              ExternalName
External Name:     kubernetes-dashboard.kubernetes-dashboard.svc.cluster.local
Port:              https  443/TCP
TargetPort:        443/TCP
Endpoints:         <none>
Session Affinity:  None
Events:            <none>

Get Ngnix timeout for worker1 - - where kubernetes is installed. (for master and worker2 i am getting connection refused.

<head><title>400 The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port</title></head>
<center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>
<center>The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port</center>

Note: As per discussion forums I have added “hostNetwork: true” under deployment section in ingress yaml to resolve “not working without host parameter” and commented “type: NodePort”.