Kubernetes Dashboard how to access to another cluster

I have one Kubernetes cluster with a Kubernetes dashboard, and I have another Kubernetes Cluster Which I want to monitor with deployed dashboard-metrics-scraper, I have tried to use kubeconfig, which I use with no problems usually to access my cluster that have credentials to my cluster,

apiVersion: v1
kind: Config
  - name: <censored>
      server: <censored>
      certificate-authority-data: >-
  - name:<censored>
      token: >-
  - name: <censored>
      user: <censored>
      cluster: <censored>
      namespace: <censored>
current-context: <censored>

with credentials to cluster but I got the following error on login page:

Unauthorized (401): Invalid credentials provided

I was trying to do find any other issues, maybe someone have any instruction or thoughts on creating connection to another cluster, which would be accessible from Kubernetes Dashboard any help is greatly appreciated