Kubernetes licensing model


Hi Team,

I like to use either new version of PKS or CSE kubernetes with VMware.

PKS—i have vSphere licensing.
Cse kubernetes–i have vSphere along with vcloud director license.

Apart from vSphere, any other separate licensing is required for kubernetes.

How the licensing model works here from kubernetes?

Please let me know if possible.

Thank you

Manivel R




There shouldn’t be any additional fee for Kubernetes if you’re already paying for PKS. VMware may decide to charge something for the right to run k8s on their hardware but that would be in VMwares license which sounds like you’re already paying for.

For example we self deploy k8s on Vmware and have no additional license cost.



Thanks so much for your response.

VMware has seperate bundle license for pks/CSE?

Any ideas?

Thank you



I would assume so.

Based on what I know of PKS (haven’t looked at it in a while) it’s something like OpenShift or Rancher. Based on my experience with those and other Kubernetes service providers you’d be looking at a per node license fee.



Thank you everyone.

There is no extra license needed apart from vSphere licenses when you use CSE kubernetes.

I cross checked this with VMware support team.

Manivel Rajarathinam.

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