Kubernetes prices


I want to use Kubernetes to orchestrate a hundred of container representing my application stack. I have discuss with an expert an it talk me that kubernetes is not free after ~5 containers orchestrated.

Please, i want to know how much should i pays to orchestrate ~unlimited container ?

Costing will depend on the service you want to use and how you want to manage.

While Kubernetes itself may be free services to manage it generally have a fee associated with them. For example on-prem solutions such as Rancher and Openshift charge per Node.

I have yet to see a license fee based on the number of containers orchestrated though. As for unlimited containers, most should cover that but you would be restricted via the Nodes the service contact would cover.

So how much it costs can vary quite a bit and would depend on the hardware/service you use for deployments.

Kubedex had an article not too long ago that detailed some of the cost of running on-prem, that might give you a better idea, here.

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Thank @macintosphrime. This blogs is really good and i like her comparaison sheeft.

But i see is a tools that aim to improve the usage and the capacity of kubernetes, like a plugins. So if i have a time and skills to spend in (KubeADM commands, or use Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, or bash scripts), can i do this manually without spend anything ?

So, please i want to know if kubernetes ( kubectl ) is completly free to use ?
After that, what can’t i do if i decide to not use the on-prem tools descripbed in Kubedex?

Note: I want to build CI/CD pipeline for my enterprise for the new applications we build and i want to orchestrate the existing ones with kubernetes. Docker swarm is an option, but Kubernetes seens to be more used and more complete. We can’t choose the ones we have a cost contrainst. We can chooste to buy the on-prem tools after, but it should not be a contrainst.


All the tools you listed there are Open Source so free to use (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, do have Enterprise grade support if you choose). If you did decide to go with the hand crafted approach your biggest costs will be your time and the infrastructure.

Sometimes the cost of using one of the managed solutions can really cut down on your time and thus cost for your employer depending on the solution. It would also help reduce the mental load of managing all of those moving parts especially if you are solo, if you have a team supporting you then it becomes less of an issue.

I would look at the hosted solutions to see which if any fit your needs and go from there. Kubeadm is great it just requires more care and attention, if you can give it that, that’s awesome :slight_smile:

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Woooohhhhh !!! awesome.

Thank a lot.

Go Kubernetes :sunglasses:

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