Kubernetes listening on two different ip

Hi all :slight_smile: i have a question, i’ve tried to search info on web but at the moment id didn’t help me.
I’ve a virtual machine with kubernetes master with a internal ip and a external ip on two different networks (eth0 internal ip, eth1 external ip)

I’ve also other 3 VM with kubernetes (slave), can i fix the master so it can listen on the internal and external ip simultaneously? so i can make a kubeadm join with a vm on a internal ip and a vm with the external ip only?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Cluster information:

  • Kubernetes V 1.16
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Docker.io
  • Virtual Machine on xen-server

root@Kube:~# kubectl config view
apiVersion: v1

  • cluster:
    certificate-authority-data: DATA+OMITTED
    server: https://[INTERNAL-IP]:6443
    name: kubernetes
  • context:
    cluster: kubernetes
    user: kubernetes-admin
    name: kubernetes-admin@kubernetes
    current-context: kubernetes-admin@kubernetes
    kind: Config
    preferences: {}
  • name: kubernetes-admin
    client-certificate-data: REDACTED
    client-key-data: REDACTED

This use case might help you out.


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Thank you <3