Which node should I map the external (public) IP to?


Hello, I am planning on deploying Kubernetes cluster on to our vsphere environment using Kubespray.

I have not deployed yet and I am currently in the process of architecting the network.

Due to the type of business I am in, I need isolation between networks and I have created 3 VLANs for this purpose.

  1. VLAN100 (public, internet access)
    • purpose : use to serve containers that are consumer facing (i.e. web frontend, api frontend)
    • Internet is allowed (both IN/OUT) and can map external public IP address to computers in this VLAN
  2. VLAN101 (private, no internet access)
    • purpose : database. computer’s in VLAN100 (i.e. frontend) can get data from VLAN101.
    • No internet is allowed
  3. VLAN102 (private, no internet access)
    • purpose : management - use to serve all management related (i.e. puppet server, backup solution, etc…)
    • No internet is allowed. VLAN100 and VLAN101 can talk to VLAN102

In this case, where should I put Kubernetes-Master and Nodes? Does external traffic goes directly to Nodes? or Master?

Thank you very much