Kubernetes performance on the GCP

I have a general performance question.

I have a website and a headless task processor both connecting to the same database. When I run these applications using docker compose on my local machine everything is smooth and good. I have been attempting to deploy them to a kubernetes cluster on the Google Cloud Platform and while everything talks, it is way slower, like, 60x slower. I believe that I have narrowed things down to database requests to the postgres db in the cluster. It looks like every db connection is taking a minimum of .5 seconds.

My question is: Is that standard? should I expect the cloud/kubernetes overhead to be that much? Before I try to fix anything, I want to know if I am way outside the realm of reason. I think so, but I want to check against more seasoned veterans.

Any insight would be welcome.


That is absolutely NOT normal

That is what I thought. I’m not crazy, their crazy!