Kubernetes Pod Scaling Challenge for My Medical Billing Services Website

Hello Kubernetes community,

I have been experiencing an intriguing challenge while managing the backend of my website, which offers medical billing services. To provide some context, my Kubernetes setup has been seamless until recently. Here’s the issue: When the number of users accessing my website increases significantly during peak hours, I’ve noticed a sudden spike in latency and slower response times. It’s clear that my current pod scaling configuration isn’t keeping up with the demand.

I have reviewed my resource requests and limits, but the problem persists. I suspect there might be an issue with how my Kubernetes pods are scaling dynamically. I want to make sure my website maintains optimal performance during high traffic periods.

Could anyone in the community provide some guidance on the best practices for Kubernetes pod scaling in such a scenario? I’d greatly appreciate any insights, experiences, or tips for efficiently handling increased loads while ensuring a smooth user experience on a website providing medical billing services.

Feel free to ask for additional details about my setup if needed. Your help is much appreciated.