Kubernetes via VPN

Hello I’ve bare metal nodes that see each other via VPN network. Please tell me.
Can i deploy kubernetes via vpn network?
Is it good practise or bad and i must use physical network.

If the cluster has internet access, deployment is going to just be business as usual. Just be connected via your VPN.

If you’re installing the cluster without internet access, you would install the kubectl, kubeadm, kubelet packages however you normally would with the OS you’re using, followed by running kubeadm without internet access.

Edit: I also realize there are other install methods, I can only speak to kubeadm.

FWIW while you CAN do Kubernetes over VPN, its more of an antipattern and there are a lot of additional considerations you need to take into account. Kubernetes really is designed around the nodes being in close proximity (at least in terms of latency and bandwidth) to each other.

If you want more details why this was a topic of discussion at a panel last week discussing multicluster:

Thanks for info

This is definitely possible.
You just have to set the node-ip parameter either in the kubeadm config or inside kubelet.

Currently I’m still struggling to build a setup with multiple masters tho. See my thread for more info:

I couldn’t find much info on if using a VPN is best practice and what alternatives there are.