Kubernetes without docker and other questions

Hi to all,
I’m a newbie in kubernetes technology and this is my first topic on the forum.
I’m valutating to use k8s to speed up a verify system composes of a cluster of real machines (each machine runs a group of VM and each VM runs some Window10 gui applications).

My first question is: can k8s works without the docker technology (I can’t use containers) ?

Can k8s transfer big files from a master machine to a pull of slaves machines and viceversa (i.e. a virtual machine hd file) ?

Can k8s run/stop a VM (and which type of VM, i.e vmware, virtualbox, …) ?

Can k8s execute gui applications from a master node (i.e. I want execute Wordpad inside a specific VM) ?

Can k8s monitor the running status of an application that run on a slave node (and, when the application has ended your task, get the results) ?

Many thanks in advance