Laravel and Kubernetes 8 on Minikube

Working locally in Minikube on for testing purposes before I move it to Digital Ocean. It is based on a repo by Eamon and what it does is get Laravel up and running with two Docker images and several Helm packages (mysql, cert manager, redis). Been really hard getting into this all so I am getting stuck often.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.15.5
Installation method: Mac Installer and current version
Host OS: MacOs Catalina
CNI and version: no idea
CRI and version: no idea

Pods in use

Pods I have up and running so far:

kubectl get pod --all-namespaces                                   
NAMESPACE     NAME                                             READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
kube-system   coredns-6955765f44-9k4nn                         1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   coredns-6955765f44-zp2qr                         1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   etcd-minikube                                    1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   kube-addon-manager-minikube                      1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   kube-apiserver-minikube                          1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   kube-controller-manager-minikube                 1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   kube-proxy-qrzc5                                 1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   kube-scheduler-minikube                          1/1     Running   3          23h
kube-system   storage-provisioner                              1/1     Running   4          23h
laravel6      cert-manager-7974f4ddf4-gkz58                    1/1     Running   1          20h
laravel6      cert-manager-cainjector-76f7596c4-v8n6c          1/1     Running   2          20h
laravel6      cert-manager-webhook-8575f88c85-j2sdm            1/1     Running   1          20h
laravel6      nginx-ingress-controller-69d5dc598f-zfpwd        1/1     Running   2          21h
laravel6      nginx-ingress-default-backend-659bd647bd-568kb   1/1     Running   1          21h

Connect to Cluster admin

When I check the cluster I see the ip address I am supposed to use. And I was looking this up because I want to make my Nginx Ingress work and then later on hopefully test Cert Manager as well.

kubernetes master is running at
KubeDNS is running at

To further debug and diagnose cluster problems, use 'kubectl cluster-info dump'.

When I go there I only see 403 data:

  "kind": "Status",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "metadata": {
  "status": "Failure",
  "message": "forbidden: User \"system:anonymous\" cannot get path \"/\"",
  "reason": "Forbidden",
  "details": {
  "code": 403

Why is that?

Nginx Ingress local domain

Two, how can one attach a local domain to a Nginx Ingress locally using Minikube? In Laravel Valet this is all done out of the box and using dnsmasq, but in this case I have to do it myself of course. But some pointers how would be nice.