Managing Multiple Clusters

Hi. I want to comfortably manage multiple clusters. What are some of the best ways to do this? I most frequently use k9s by derailed and am a huge fan. Is there something similar that is good for work with multiple clusters?

Alternatively I could copy all the configs in some organized way and start k9s or kubectl by passing --kubeconfig. Any people have solutions that they love?

Define “manage” ?

Thanks for asking @thockin. I am primarily concerned with visibility into what is running on my clusters and having a central place to look at what pods are running, what is erroring, etc.

I would ideally be able to jump between all clusters and easily identify what the workloads are.

So this is mainly a monitoring concern.

I will be delving into this documentation tomorrow:

It seems to address most of my wants and needs and it looks like I can switch contexts and open different k9s instances in different tiles or something similar.


What about managing 140 K8s clusters :slight_smile: Take a look: