Metallb in virtualbox : connection refused on 'exposed' IP

I have set a Microk8s in an Ubuntu 18.04 VM. The cluster seems sane.
I enable dns, storage, rbac and metallb.
I set the IP range
I followed this tutorial and the metallb doc

After the nginx deployment the command kubectl get all returns
service/nginx LoadBalancer 80:32310/TCP 33m

It looks good and consistent. However, I can’t connect to with

Additionally, the arp command returns :

Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface (incomplete) enp0s3

I suspect a network problem with Virtualbox.
The config is as shown on a attached screen shot.

I also investigated, without success.

Any idea / advice CaptureNetwork is welcome.

I haven’t used virtualbox for a long time, but are you changing the network of the vm?

Thank you @balchua1, in fact I think it comes from the DHCP server which is bound to a 4G tethering. I am trying to get a ‘good’ dhcp which completes the mac information. I keep you informed about the issue when it is fixed.
Thanks a lot

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Finally it worked. It was not a DHCP problem but a configuration mistake on my side. So it works on Virtualbox with bridge network configuration.

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Is it something worth to share? In case somebody stumbled upon this.

Not really, the problem was a modification of the name of the configuration that made LB failing.
My recommendation is to stick to the example as much as possible. Don’t modify the naming.
I confirm it works on Virtualbox with the above configuration. The DHCP was not involved in the issue in spite of what I though. I also managed to make it working on a Kind cluster with 3 nodes in 1 VirtualBox.
My network config is still on a DHCP tethering.

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