Microk8s deleting the docker images every time when we do helm upgrade or kubectl rollout restart deployment

We are facing below two issues with Microk8s whenever we do helm upgrade and restart the deployment using kubectl

  1. pause.tar- it always deleting the pause.tar and the container stuck in the container restarting step
  2. Deleting the image from the microk8s registry : Error image Never Pull: Every time we are importing the image when we do deployment restart using kubectl

Note: Microk8s behind the proxy and all images are offline images and never pull from any registry directly… We are copying the images to the server and importing to microk8s using Microk8s ctr image import command.
In the templates we set ImagePullPolicy: Never

My guess is that you’re having disk pressure in such a way that kubelet garbage collect images like the pause container.
Can be similar to this.

I don’t quite get what you mean in the second issue.

Thanks for the update 2nd issue is similar to the 1st apart from pause.tar its deleting the other application docker images from the microk8s registry and i am again manually importing the docker image to microk8s registry

Check if u are having disk pressure on /var/snap directory