Microk8s helm3 install from a local (Windows) chart folder or .tgz file

I am running microk8s on a Windows 10 hyper-V VM. Normally I can run a helm install command and specify either a chart local folder or a local .tgz file. However when I run the command

microk8s helm3 install my-chart-name c:\temp\my-chart-file.tgz

I get the error

Error: failed to download "C:\\temp\\my-chart-file.tgz" (hint: running `helm repo update` may help)
An error occurred when trying to execute "sudo microk8s.helm3 install my-chart-name 'C:\\temp\\my-chart-file.tgz'" with 'multipass': returned exit code 1

1 - Can the microk8s helm3 install command work to install a chart from a .tgz file or a chart folder on my Windows machine?
2 - If so, what is the the correct command to use, and/or the correct file path that maps from the Hyper-V microk8s vm to my local Windows C: drive and folders?
3 - Can I use the Hyper-V Manager 's console or Putty to remote into the Hyper-V (microk8s-vm) itself? If so, what are the “default” credentials for this vm?