MicroK8s / Windows Hyper-V Shell Questions

I have Multipass and MicroK8s installed on my Windows machine under HyperV. I can shell into the microk8s-vm by right-clicking the Multipass icon and selecting “microk8s-mv” and then “Open Shell”, and a PowerShell instance opens in Windows.

1 - How can I configure the new Windows Terminal and its settings.json file to add the microk8s-vm as a shell option? Alternatively, what command is this icon / menu option actually running, so that I can attempt to configure the settings file myself?

2 - If I open the Hyper-V Manager and double-click the micrko8s-vm, the default Hyper-V console app opens up, and the vm asks for a username and password. The same thing happens if I try to PuTTY into the microk8s-vm. What is the default username and password for the Hyper-V Multipass microk8s-vm?