Microk8s image export-import missing image

Hello all,

I’ve got a working Microk8s 1.29 installation on an Ubuntu Noble nightly from 8 days ago and am trying to export then import images for use in an offline / airgapped installation. This is for a customer project.

After doing microk8s images export-local > images-node03.tar I decided to test the export by immediately doing a local import (single node, as you would need to do on initial installation). This fails saying a container image is missing. This image is consistently reported as missing when repeating this locally on each of my three nodes, and isn’t reported as being exported when doing the export.

Below is a screenshot of the issue.

As you can see, the export doesn’t mention this SHA, and doing a local ctr list doesn’t reveal this SHA either.

As there is no option in ctr image import to skip non found images I’m rather stuck on producing an airgapped installation.

There is no mention of this issue in either the airgapped or side loading pages on the Microk8s website. I’m presuming the export-local command erroneously culls some images that are in fact required, but I’m at a loss of how to work around this.

Can someone please advise a way forward?

Thanks in advance.



I think I’ve managed to answer my own question. For the benefits of anyone in future, the answer lies in the fact that each image supports multiple platforms but I’m installing on a single platform. This can be seen in this answer here:-

So the correct import command needs to be:-
microk8s ctr images import --platform amd64 - < ./offline/containers/images-post-node03.tar

This works fine as expected.