Microk8s offline installation failed with timeout

Followed the instruction from MicroK8s - Alternative installs (MacOS/Windows 10/Multipass), with the virtual network interface. On Ubuntu 20.04

Running the install command including --classic sudo snap install microk8s_3021.snap --classic

Getting an error

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

    Start snap "microk8s" (3021) services (systemctl command [start snap.microk8s.daemon-containerd.service] failed with exit status 1: Job for snap.microk8s.daemon-containerd.service failed because a timeout was exceeded. See "systemctl status snap.microk8s.daemon-containerd.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

Getting command not found when running snap.microk8s.daemon-containerd.service

Do not see any error of the microk8s using the journalctl -xe command

Any idea how to install microk8s in an offline environment