Microk8s.reset... not resetting - fails

I’m playing with microk8s with a 2 nodes test micro cluster. It’s my playground so I decided to microk8s.reset but the result is that after disabling all addons if fails:

Disabling addon : traefik
Waiting for kubernetes resources to be released
All addons disabled.
Deleting CNI
error when deleting "/var/snap/microk8s/2346/args/cni-network/cni.yaml": Delete "": dial tcp connect: connection refused
... [repeated several times]

As I wasn’t able to reach k8s I rebooted the machine and microk8s get reachable again, but many pods and configuration are still there, i.e. reset has not completed.

The same thing happens if I reset again.

What I wrong in what I’m doing? This node was previously in a 2 node cluster but I used microk8s.leave on the other node and microk8s.remove-node in this.

Any hint is appreciated

I normally do snap remove microk8s --purge followed by snap install microk8s --classic --channel 1.22

Thanks @balchua1,

That works in fact. My understanding is that microk8s reset is meant to bypass the need for a new installation.