Minikube Unable to Pull Images Through Proxy under WSL Ubuntu

What Happened?

I’m running Minikube under a proxy on my WSL Ubuntu (running under Windows 11).

First of all, my Docker daemon works correctly. I set the proxy in /etc/docker/daemon.json, and docker pull commands work without issues.

Secondly, my Minikube is configured to use Docker as the driver.

Now, I start minikube with these commands :

$ export NO_PROXY=localhost,,,,,
$ export HTTPS_PROXY=
$ export HTTP_PROXY=

$ minikube start --docker-env HTTPS_PROXY= --docker-env HTTP_PROXY= --docker-env NO_PROXY=$NO_PROXY

However, when I try to pull an image, such as nginx, I encounter the following error:

$ kubectl run nginx --image=nginx --image-pull-policy=Always

Warning  Failed          69s (x4 over 2m42s)    kubelet            Failed to pull image "nginx": Error response from daemon: Get "": proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp connect: connection refused

It seems that Minikube correctly uses the proxy at However, unlike Docker, I get a connection refused error for this proxy.

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Operating System

Ubuntu - WSL



I had the same issue.

My case:
I run a proxy on my laptop on and the minikube is running on my host docker container.

when I tried to ssh into the minikube and pull and image I got the same error.
Then after some debugging I found out that the address to proxy was not correct.

minikube could not connect to because there was no proxy running on localhost(minikube container)

So I passed this address to minikube when starting up the cluster.

In my case the IP address to my laptop was You can get this address by executing this command ip addr

full command:

minikube start --docker-env HTTP_PROXY= --docker-env HTTPS_PROXY= --docker-env NO_PROXY=localhost,,,,,

Finally the minikube could access the proxy and everything works fine now.

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Thanks for these explanations.

Indeed, I also saw on minikube’s github some issues talking about the fact that can’t be taken as a proxy by minkube. Probably it’s not the same as the host.

However, I’ve tried using different addresses as proxies, and I still have the problem. I’ve tried the address that corresponds to my laptop’s interface to the Internet (the default), and the address in 192 of my laptop on the local network. In both cases, same result. :frowning:

For the moment it’s not too serious, I’ve found another way to get the images. But in the long run, it’s not practical to have a minikube that doesn’t have access to the Internet under a corporate proxy.